Картинки по запросу travelingMovies with a casino theme

Although there are not a huge number of movies out there that have a casino theme, there is definitely a decent number to explore further. These movies are often action-packed, and exciting – just like real casinos! Let’s have a look at some of the movies that are centered around a casino theme and what they are all about.

Ocean’s Eleven

This is a really awesome movie starring George Clooney (playing the main man Danny Ocean) and Brad Pitt. The premise of the movie is about 12 men putting in place a plan to rob 3 huge Las Vegas casinos. There is also Ocean’s Twelve and Thirteen which feature the same actors with similar plots throughout. This movie series is shot in genuine casinos in the gambling city Vegas and watching them might just get you in the mood to play fun online slots on one of the hundreds available websites out there.


This movie stars Matt Damon, Edward Norton and more. A young gambler vows to say goodbye to his habit but is drawn back into high stakes poker due to trying to help his friend get out of debt he owes to loan sharks. The gambler has to keep life around him as normal as possible while getting to the top, with lots of drama and twists and turns along the way.


This gambling classic that you just have to be a little familiar with stars Sharon Stone, Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro. A casino executive and a mafia mogul have to compete against each other as they try to get a gambling empire and the fast girl in the middle of it all. There is murder and drama in this casino themed movie which will keep you on your tours from start to finish.