Картинки по запросу The Psychology Between Movies and SnacksMany of us reach for snacks when we are watching our favourite movie and while this seems like it is out of habit, there is actually a much deeper meaning behind what takes place. Studies have shown that movie buffs are more likely to be overweight and this is due to excessive snacking while watching films. Movie theatres sell popcorn because they know you will not be able to resist and will head straight to the concession stand straight after you have bought your tickets.

Picture the scene, you are watching Deadpool 2 or another big movie in the cinema and the entire area is filled with the amazing aroma of buttery, sweet popcorn. It’s irresistible and has been for many years now. When you are in the theatre, you are in a completely new situation from what you are used to in everyday life. Paying to see a movie on the big screen is seen as a pleasure and so is eating snacks.

For some reason, the brain puts eating and watching together and this is why it’s really hard to resist movie snacks. When you are watching a movie, be that in a theatre or from the comfort of your own home, your mind is busy but the rest of your body is not doing very much at all. You are still and therefore your brain tells you that you should be doing something with your hands. If you throw in something extra and can do something with your mouth too, then even better.

There is no harm is snacking when you are watching a movie but ensure that it doesn’t happen TOO often and reach for healthier things to nibble on if you possibly can. Be sure to pick a movie that you absolutely love and maybe you will be too distracted to snack!